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Our service offering is mainly based on rental of boats and house boats in Portugal.

Fishing trips in Portugal can be offered, according to an à la carte formula, over one or more days, but always by mutual agreement, depending on the current weather conditions and your choice of speaker.

These courses are operated by people who are particularly experienced in the use of on-board electronic tools for fishing pike, zander, barbel and black bass from Portugal.

We are also located on sites specially dedicated to trout and salmon fishing in central and northern Portugal.

Not far from these areas, you can also track down barbel and catfish, including mandarins.

Our approach is part of the equitable sharing of family fishing experiences, with house boat rentals possible on the Douro, Minho and Tejo rivers.

The technical skills of each participant constitute the cement that underpins our project, with ever more functional boats and magnificent sites.

Our approval as a tourist operator is available on the official website of the Portuguese Ministry of Tourism

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